SAT-7 programs provide Biblical education

By September 16, 2015
(Photo courtesy SAT-7)

(Photo courtesy SAT-7)

Palestine (SAT-7) — SAT-7, a Christian satellite television ministry to the Middle East and North Africa, works to share the Gospel with anyone who seeks hope and encouragement.

Gaza and Palestine are known for giant cement walls, violent attacks, or being “the world’s largest prison.” But this area of the world is also known for a Christian Bible college! Many people are unaware that there are several thousands of Christians living in the Gaza Strip. Partnering with SAT-7, the Bethlehem Bible College (BBC) seeks to strengthen and grow the Church in the Middle East.

Founded in 1979 by local Arab Christians, the BBC saw a diminishing Christian population in the Palestinian community and sought to revitalize it. Now, 35 years later, the BBC has grown and features two satellite campuses in Gaza and Nazareth, providing a biblical education to more than 200 students. These students will become prominent pastors and ministry leaders throughout the Middle East.*

Despite having three on-site campuses, travel can be difficult for students and teachers in the Middle East. To enter “restricted” areas, the BBC uses Skype® to launch a series of classes for Palestinian Christians in the surrounding area. This offers critical opportunities for Christian students who would otherwise be unable to attend school. Skype also offers faculty a chance to operate in difficult areas.

In addition to individualized training, the BBC produces quality television programs that are shared through SAT-7 broadcasts. These programs reinforce and support family ideals and nonviolent approaches to bring about change in the world. The Christian message behind these programs encourage cooperation, understanding of individuals, and reconciliation.

SAT-7 has been working with the Bethlehem Bible College to help the growing church throughout the Middle East for the last 15 years. Together, SAT-7 and the BBC offer an ideal way to bring Christian teaching directly to believers in the safety of their own homes, wherever they may live. Using SAT-7 and the BBC as tools, your support can touch people in even the most “restricted” areas of the Middle East and North Africa.


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