SAT-7 selected as finalist for prestigious international TV award

By June 29, 2018

Middle East (MNN) — SAT-7, a satellite TV ministry to the Middle East and North Africa, was a finalist for the prestigious 2018 Prix Jeunesse International television award for best children’s programming.

SAT-7 Finalist Standing

SAT-7’s Rex Rogers shares:

“Anytime you get recognition for something that you’re doing that comes from outside of your own constituency, but of course is a form of validation, credibility. It’s not that you do this just to get awards, but it speaks to excellence and you know that’s a good thing because we try to do things unto the Lord.”

(Photo courtesy of SAT-7)

Just being selected as a finalist for this award signals to both viewers and donors that SAT-7 is producing great work. Its products are worth watching, trusting, and supporting. With that said, SAT-7’s work is grabbing and retaining viewers’ attention while competing against other quality programmings.

However, it was SAT-7 KIDSChato” program, formerly known as “Tomorrow Is Better,” which secured the finalist position. The program, which is in Arabic, is aired throughout the Arabic world.

The channel is specifically geared towards children between the ages of seven to 10 years old. It’s designed to help kids gain confidence through interactive sequences. But it also teaches them how to apply biblical values to the various challenges in their lives.

TV Access

Access to a TV in the Middle East is more possible than one might think. Once a transponder and a satellite dish are hooked up, then a household has access to hundreds of TV channels with no monthly fee.

(Photo courtesy of SAT-7)

“So, even the poorest of the poor typically can afford television. And it’s very important to them because it’s an endless source of information and entertainment. And, we’re also talking about a region of the world with 50 percent illiteracy rates,” Rogers says.

Many people in this region haven’t had the blessing of an education, but this doesn’t mean they’re not smart. Instead, it means TV is a powerful tool. It provides access to information and even education in the safety of one’s home.

“When I say that, we’re talking about every kind of person in the Middle East. Rich and poor, male and female, dominate groups and minority groups, all different religious; anybody can have access to SAT-7 and its broadcasts,” Rogers shares.

Be Prayerful, Be Active

SAT-7 knows that many different kinds of people are watching because it receives contact from its viewers through social media. So please, be encouraged that Christian programming, with solid theology, is being sent over the waves into people’s homes—and people are interested.

Pray for the kids in the Middle East to receive the education they need to one day support themselves and be less vulnerable to extremism. Ask God to provide Christian truths to these kids both through SAT-7’s programming as well as the local Church.

Pray for the Church in the Middle East to have strength, encouragement, and perseverance in their faith and in discipling others. And finally, pray for SAT-7 to continue to be effective. Ask God to provide the necessary resources to do the job He has called this ministry to do.

Learn more about SAT-7 and give to its work here!


(Header photo courtesy of SAT-7 USA)

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