SAT-7 sends the signal of God’s love to MENA

By October 30, 2019

USA (MNN) – It’s difficult to stop a signal, even in otherwise-unreachable parts of the world.

That’s the idea behind SAT-7, a satellite TV ministry to the Middle East and North Africa.

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(Photo courtesy of SAT-7 via Facebook)

“We can reach people…in the relative safety of their homes, directly to their TVs in countries where religions and rulers and regimes sometimes try to block Christian teaching,” says Rex Rogers of SAT-7. “It’s an amazing technology for such a time as this.”

SAT-7 features Arabic, Persian, and Turkish programs for adults and kids. Viewers can watch dramas, panels, educational programs or comedies that make God’s love visible. SAT-7 KIDS shows are even available on Youtube.

“That programming, 80 percent of it is produced in the Middle East by Middle Easterners,” Rogers says. SAT-7 reaches 25 countries, a potential audience of half a billion people, in a format that is nearly uncensorable.

Join the Middle East Hope Campaign

It takes a lot of love and effort to produce this much Christian programing. SAT-7 now is in the middle of their Middle East Hope Campaign, raising funds to support their operations. The actors, researchers, and

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(Photo courtesy of SAT-7 USA)

camera crews can’t operate for free. SAT-7 ACADEMY, a brand of educational content that encompasses a lot of different programs, airs on SAT-7 ARABIC and SAT-7 KIDS channels. Currently, it does not have the resources necessary to produce another season of the program My School.

Rogers asks for believers to support SAT-7 and their mission, “to provide hope through [sending signals of God’s love] and building the church throughout the Middle East and North Africa.”

Click here to contribute or learn more about SAT-7 programing.

Rogers sees a door of opportunity in the Middle East and North Africa today.

“It’s different. It’s open. Now, some scholars are saying unlike perhaps anytime in the last 6-700 years,” he says. “… I’ll call it opening to thinking about Christ and Christianity in a way that hasn’t been permitted in times past.

More Ways to Help

Outside of financial support, SAT-7 needs your prayers. Pray that this rare opening for the hope of Christ will remain. Ask for bold and influential ideas for programing and wisdom in decision-making. Finally, pray that SAT-7 will raise sufficient funds to continue operations.

Long-time supporters like you have made SAT-7 possible to this day.

“We want to give them a salute because they’re the ones that God’s using to accomplish the mission and we’re just the conduit,” Rogers says.

To learn more about SAT-7’s Middle East Hope Campaign or to give, CLICK HERE.


Header photo courtesy of SAT-7.

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