SAT-7 show addresses loneliness among MENA Christian youth

By September 7, 2022

MENA (MNN) — Loneliness is a familiar feeling for young people around the globe. In some cases, it’s brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic or by generational strife.

MENA young people

Many in the Middle East and North Africa are ostracized for religious reasons.

The SAT-7 Arabic program New Light connects with Christian young adults in the MENA region. Joe Willey with SAT-7 USA says, “Now, it’s a region where 97 percent of people are non-Christians. So just by default, you are the main minority by being a Christian. It can breed feelings of being alone, being marginalized, and truly being different.”

The show held a special program about loneliness and isolation. The presenters talked about the Holy Spirit and God’s desire for a relationship with all people.

New Light helps viewers think critically about life, all framed by the love of Jesus. Topics include failure, media, and identity. Willey says, “I guess you could say it’s a show about how Christians handle life.”

In the U.S., Christianity remains the dominant religion. But sometimes, Christian communities don’t treat young people well either. Willey says, “I think it would be wonderful to have a mainstream program for young people in the U.S. that explains life from a biblical perspective.”

“I believe it would show the difference between God’s word and as scripture says, ‘empty philosophy.’”

Pray young viewers across the MENA region will be open to hearing about the love of Jesus.



Header photo courtesy of SAT-7 USA.