SAT-7 TURK expands with new studio, programming

By May 30, 2012

Turkey (MNN) — Attacks in Syria. Ominous election results in Egypt. More than anything else, the Middle East needs to hear some hopeful news right now.

SAT-7, a Christian satellite television service to the Middle East and North Africa, delivers that hope directly into homes on a daily basis. The television service shares inspiring stories, loving kids programs, practical live shows, and more, to over 15 million people in much of the 10/40 Window.

Many people who may never even have met a Christian have heard about and embraced the Good News of Jesus Christ via SAT-7's broadcasting.

SAT-7's impact is far-reaching to say the least, but it is still not reaching everyone in the Middle East and North Africa. But a recent announcement will bring it a little bit closer to doing so.

This month, SAT-7 TURK announced it will be expanding its programming to include the launch of a 24/7 Web channel and new live programs come September.

The new programming will be made possible by SAT-7 TURK's new location. The channel just moved into a newly-rented, 10,000-square-foot studio in order to ramp-up production capabilities and facilitate live broadcasts. This move involved a fast track fit-out, completed in just 6 weeks by the team, SAT-7 reports.

Terrence Ascot with SAT-7 says, "It is amazing to see just what this new team has accomplished in such a short time. It bodes well for the future development of the channel as it seeks to serve local churches and make the Gospel available to a wider audience of potentially 100 million Turkish-speaking people across the region and in Europe."

The team has made phenomenal progress in the last few months, but there are still items needed. Additional equipment and lighting is vital to maximize the potential of the new facility. Click here if you would like to help provide SAT-7 TURK with these items as they expand to reach Turkish speakers across Europe and the Middle East with the Good News.

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