SAT-7 urges prayer for Iran

By September 14, 2009

Iran (MNN) — Three months ago, a disputed election caused
discontent within the nation of Iran that continues today.

"People are extremely disappointed," said David
Harder with Christian Satellite Television by and for the People of the Middle
East and North Africa

Iran's top leader recently warned opposition of a harsh
response if they rebelled against the Islamic Republic.

"What appears to be an increasing crackdown in
Iran," Harder stated, "both on political dissidents and on others,
including Christians, is causing people to become even more disillusioned than
they were before."

This widespread disillusionment is an open door for SAT-7 to
offer the hope of Christ. 

"We're pleased that we can present Good News of the
Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who've pretty much decided that life is

SAT-7 PARS broadcasts encouragement to young people in Iran,
and Christian music videos are an especially powerful tool.

"I've spoken with many people who know Iran and other
parts of the Middle East who say that music is particularly effective,"
explained Harder. "When people hear God's Word set to music, particularly local styles of music, it has a great impact."

Harder goes on to say that SAT-7 has received positive
feedback about their broadcasts.

"We know people are calling in, they're texting us,
they're saying how much they appreciate the broadcasts. One person wrote
recently to say it was the only source of hope that he had during the recent
unrest and demonstrations."

Many people in Iran are desperate for hope and purpose that
can only be found in Jesus Christ. Please pray that they tune in to SAT-7 at
the right moment to hear the Gospel. Pray also for SAT-7 producers as
they create encouraging programming, and please remember to pray for believers
in Iran.

"Life is very difficult for them right now," says
Harder. "We need to pray that they'd have freedom to worship and for any
that have been arrested, that they would be released and that they would be

SAT-7 PARS is a strong encouragement to young believers living in Iran, as
well as being the main source of sound teaching. Converting to Christianity is
illegal and punishable by death. To learn more about SAT-7 PARS, or if you'd
like to support them, please click here.  

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