SAT-7 USA announces new president

By August 14, 2009

International (MNN) — A leader
provides direction and guidance. 

SAT-7 USA shares the vision of the Christian satellite television ministry in the Middle East and
North Africa. Add them together, and you
have Dr. Rex Rogers emerging as president of SAT-7 USA.  

Dr. Rogers brings a lot of fundraising
expertise to the scene. He
served for more than thirty years in Christian higher education, the last
seventeen as President of Cornerstone University, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.   

As university president, he
directed a three-part enterprise comprising an undergraduate and graduate
program, two seminaries–one in Asia, and a large radio division, including three
local stations (WCSG, WAYK, WAYG), "Mission Network News " and "His Kids Radio."

Most recently, he could be
found  serving as vice president for The
Timothy Group, a fundraising and leadership consulting firm, including the past
several months as Interim Executive Director for SAT-7 USA.

In his new job at SAT-7 USA, he's
bridging gaps. "I don't think
American Christians really yet understand how to do ministry in Muslim-based
countries and cultures. I think SAT-7 is doing it very well. We'd like to get
the word out on how that's being done and how they can support it because the
Christian church is alive and well in the Middle East and even in some of the
more oppressive countries and regimes." 

Rogers knew SAT-7 USA was a good
fit when he had this epiphany. "I was sitting in this room with about 20
board members; there are languages differences and cultural differences,
of course, but there is the spirit of God in their hearts."

unity in Christ with such a diverse body was like the seal of approval. "They've united together to support this
Christian satellite ministry that's beaming truth into countries where you and
I cannot safely go–it was literally kind of a 'light bulb' moment."

Dr. Rogers is also  excited about serving SAT-7 because "this is the perfect time to bring the
ministry of SAT-7 to a new level of awareness in the United States. SAT-7 gives
Middle Eastern Christians the unprecedented opportunity to have a voice and
gives all viewers a clear presentation of the Gospel."

Dr. Rogers holds a Ph.D. in
Political Science from the University of Cincinnati, an M.A. in Political
Science from the University of Akron, and a B.A. in Social Science from
Cedarville University. He speaks regularly in churches, schools, commencements
and other special events, business environments, and conferences.

Dr. and Mrs. Rogers have four adult children and three grandchildren.

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  • I just found your website when I felt the Lord woke me up and had me research what is going on in Iran. This ministry has much influence and I feel it will also be a model that will be used in this country in the near future. I travel around the country and visit many churches. I would like to speak to one of your people in the near future. I have been a past Chariman of the Board for Youth for Christ in El Paso, Texas and seen God do amazing things in schools. Would like to prepare for what is coming to this country. with your group.

    God Bless You!

    Dana Gooding

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