Satan clubs growing in public schools

By January 26, 2023

USA (MNN/CEF) — Last year in the United States saw a rise in the number of Satan clubs opening in public schools by The Satanic Temple (TST) as an “alternative” to the thousands of Good News Clubs started by Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF).

In 2020 and 2021, parents learned that their children were being exposed to unethical indoctrination on everything from sex to politics. Now, these parents are fed up and ready to take school boards to task for allowing Satan clubs to meet in their child’s schools.

This controversy over Satan clubs in public schools has rocked several communities, including Moline, IL; Lebanon, OH; York County, PA; Bakersfield, CA; Greensboro, NC; and Chesapeake, VA.

To the surprise of many, however, CEF upholds the right of Satan clubs to be present in public schools.

CEF, good news club

(Photo courtesy of Child Evangelism Fellowship)

CEF spokesperson Lydia Kaiser explains the ministry’s position: “While we abhor everything they stand for, we acknowledge they also have the right to free speech and religious expression. A SCOTUS ruling in 2001 clarified that equal access must be given to all clubs which are able to follow the school’s rules in order to meet on school property after school.

“Parents are actually the gatekeepers because all children must have a signed permission slip to attend any club.”

Kaiser explains when parents protest vigorously against the formation of after-school Satan clubs, sometimes schools either close down all religious clubs or refuse to grant permission to the Satan club to meet. This results in TST suing the school district, winning, and using those funds for further mischief.

It also results in promoting the unconstitutional public perception that no one, Christians included, may express religious faith in the public arena.

So What Can Parents Do?

(Photo courtesy of Child Evangelism Fellowship)

CEF encourages parents to attend school board meetings to express their concerns, but to follow this advice:

1) Thank school boards for following the law and then call the bluff of TST. If a Satan club starts, and parents simply don’t sign the permission slips for their children to join, the club itself will not survive.

2) Expose the false narrative of TST — that they aren’t interested in indoctrinating children regarding Satanism. Even the name of the club will encourage children to someday become active in the occult as if it’s something good or innocuous. The TST mascot is a statue of elementary-aged children adoring the Baphomet figure of Satan with all the occult symbols. Furthermore, they claim to teach “individual sovereignty” which is idolatry and anti-authority.

3) Do something positive to counter the dark influences that lure kids. Volunteer in a Good News Club! Children attending Good News Clubs get to hear how God created them in His image and loves them. They learn about Jesus, His sacrifice for them, and His plan to give them a hope and a future.

Kaiser says, “While we have great sympathy for the frustration of these parents, we urge them to look at the larger issues at stake.”

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