Saturday’s National Adoption Day a celebration

By November 21, 2011

USA (MNN) — Saturday, November 19 was a day filled with joy and celebration as families across the United States observed National Adoption Day.

It's all a part of National Adoption Month–November in the U.S.–where various organizations and families encourage adoption. Free resources abound from ministries like Bethany Christian Services.

Bethany's Marc Andreas says National Adoption Day, in particular, is a time to recognize the "miracle" of adoption.

"In this country, a National Adoption Day is recognized by many across the country–many courts, really–that use the day as a day to celebrate the finalization or the making permanent of an adoption into a new family in local communities all over the U.S.," explains Andreas.

A network of adoption advocates, policymakers, judges, and lawyers work diligently year-round to help bring children and parents together on National Adoption Day, allowing a number of children to meet their forever families this past Saturday.

It's a day of celebration to be sure, but for those who missed it, opportunities have not run dry. Bethany continues to advocate on behalf of adoption throughout the year, but particularly through the rest of this special month.

Andreas says families should still be thinking about their options. "Adoption isn't for everyone, but we like to think it's for many, many more than are choosing it today."

In the U.S., there are a number of avenues to go down with adoption, all of which Bethany can help with.

"Between the process of adopting an infant in the United States, to adopting an older child in foster care, to adopting an orphan in another continent around the world, there are really three distinct processes," says Andreas. "Families should really think about and pray about what might be best for them, what might be best for their family."

For instance, if finance is an issue, Andreas says adopting a foster child is virtually free in the States. Bethany helps debunk more myths about adoption with a host of resources on their Web site.

The Lord has adopted His followers as part of His forever family. Bethany urges you to share Christ's love in this most marvelous of ways by considering adoption. This is the perfect month to start petitioning the Lord about adoption. For free resources to get you started, click here.

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