Save the date! Pray for Muslim-background believers this Wednesday

By November 16, 2020
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International (MNN) — God is doing great and marvelous things in the Muslim world. Under challenging circumstances in places like Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, multitudes leave Islam to follow Jesus. More Muslims have come to faith in Christ in the last ten years than during the previous 14 centuries, Uncharted Ministries asserts.

New believers are bold. “When they embrace Jesus, they’re willing to suffer; they’re willing to die. Many of them do,” Uncharted co-founder Tom Doyle says.

Uncharted Ministries connects believers in the West to Muslim-background believers (MBBs). Learn more about Uncharted here. The connection might come through watching a testimony online or meeting an MBB on a Zoom call. An update on Uncharted’s 8thirty8 Facebook page might stir you to pray for a persecuted believer.

This Wednesday, November 18th, you can intercede with Uncharted on the first-ever MBB Global Prayer Day.

“We just want to dedicate one day a year [to] praying for our brothers and sisters who come out of Islam and are living in danger,” Doyle says.

“There’ll be testimonies from former Muslims, videos, and times of prayer.”

November 18: MBB Global Prayer Day

Learn more about the MBB Global Prayer Day here. This event’s timing is not coincidental. “We wanted to make sure that it was in the month when we talk about persecution,” Doyle explains.

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“[The] first couple of weeks [of November], churches have the option to do the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. We thought it’d be great to see that followed up by a day specifically for those that come out of a Muslim background.”

Muslim-background believers from around the world post testimonies and prayer requests on the MBB Global website. Communio Messianica, a group founded and led by MBBs, uses the site to mobilize prayer warriors worldwide.

Uncharted Ministries contributed videos from its I Found the Truth website, Doyle says. See a full list of videos here. Believers can use these resources to guide their prayers on Wednesday.

“It’s going to be a special time that will, I think, blow people’s minds at the strength of the body of Christ that has come out of the Muslim religion,” Doyle says.

“We are praying for a group of over a million believers, praying for our brothers and sisters who have come out of Islam, and they’re following Jesus.”

Save the date here to create a calendar reminder, and commit to praying for MBBs on Wednesday, November 18.



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