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By August 12, 2015
(Photo courtesy Life International)

(Photo courtesy Life International)

Zambia (MNN) — The shocking Planned Parenthood videos continue to make headlines, but cruelty to unborn babies isn’t just happening in the U.S. It’s happening all around the world.

Around 42 million abortions take place every year outside of the U.S. and Canada. Women choose it optionally; sometimes it may be out of fear. Others are forced into it by family members or significant others. But each time, these abortions cause emotional pain.

In 2009, LIFE International facilitated a training conference in Africa. 500 people attended, and 20 ministries and pregnancy centers have been a ripple effect from it.

Thousands of lives have been saved and changed because of the work of LIFE International.

Among these thousands is Joyce, a Zambian woman with an incredible story.

A LIFE International video shares that when Joyce was younger, her parents both passed away from the HIV infection. As a result, she was adopted by an aunt and an uncle. But, her uncle threatened, abused, and raped her.

“Now that’s not an uncommon story overseas because women are raped, forced into abortion, and horrific things can happen,” explains Melinda Delahoyde of Life International.

After finding out she was HIV positive and pregnant, Joyce’s aunt started beating her, calling her names, and starving her.

“Her aunt then came to her and said, ‘You must go to the river where the crocodiles gather, and throw yourself into that river. You and your baby will die in that river, and that will erase this shame that you have brought to our family.’”

Joyce was forced from the house and chased out of the village by her family. She went to the river, ready to jump in, but a miracle took place.

A life-giving ministry leader noticed her and knew something wasn’t right. “She began to talk to her,” Delahoyde says.

“The young woman went back with her to the center, got the medical attention, the counseling that she needed, and months later [she] gave birth to baby Abraham. And that name is so significant to her.”

Now, with the help of LIFE International, Joyce has started a micro business and is providing for her son. She believes that God is going to use Abraham in great ways.

“We are at this table of life together around the world, and Jesus Christ sits at the head of that table with us…. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Grand Rapids or if you’re in Zambia. God has put those same callings, that same passion for life, and that same desire to help.”

Pray that God will continue to provide for Joyce and Abraham.

If you want to save the lives of other unborn babies around the world and show mothers the love of Jesus, donate to LIFE International!

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