Scatter Global helps Christians use their God-given gifts

By September 25, 2018

International (MNN) — Scatter Global was born in 2016 as an Operation Mobilization initiative. The initiative was designed to stand on its own in efforts to foster partnerships with other Christian organizations.

This past weekend, Scatter Global won the Missio Nexus eXcelerate Award for innovation in training models and missionary preparation.

Scatter Global

“Scatter Global was really set up to answer one question — could we create an actionable pathway that would make it possible for every believer to take their God-given design, their unique skill set, and live that out working in another part of the world and making disciples?” Scatter Global’s Jonathan Thiessen explains.

scatter global

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Scatter Global works collaboratively with other agencies to engage the “whole body of Christ around this idea that every person was created uniquely for the purposes of God.” Each person plays a role in achieving the Great Commission and Scatter Global wants to help believers find theirs.

In the past, churches often outsourced missions to mission agencies. They were a bit removed from helping train leaders for Christ.

However, Scatter Global doesn’t train leaders. Instead, it helps leaders cultivated by churches find where they can use their unique gifts.

Thiessen says this model also keeps churches engaged with missions.

“The Church plays an absolutely critical role. It’s up to the Church to train and equip disciple-makers. All we are doing is saying, ‘Do what God has uniquely created you to do. And as you’re doing it here, why not consider taking your skill set and your disciple-making DNA and do that in another part of the world where Jesus is less known?’” Thiessen says.

How to Connect

Professionals, students, and churches can all find a way to connect through Scatter Global and join in bringing the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

The organization is also a place of community where sermons, stories, and a content library are shared. It offers a course called “Navigate” to help believers move from exploring life as a Market Place Worker to applying for a job internationally.

“For professionals, for people who are out there saying, ‘I’m interested. I get the idea that God could use who I am in another part of the world. I get the fact that this could count on-mission for God,’ we invite you to come!

Sign up for Scatter Global’s creative profile on our site. Tell us a little bit about who you are and when you’d be ready to consider taking your vocation cross-culturally!”

Learn more about Scatter Global here! Find your place in God’s story.


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