School doors remain closed; Heart for Lebanon offers alternatives

By October 11, 2023

Lebanon (MNN) — The 2023-24 academic year is well underway in the United States and most Western nations. Lebanon is another story.

As described here by Arab News:

Lack of funding for the school system has led to repeated teacher strikes and school closures, resulting in children being pulled out of the formal education system and, in some cases, forced to work.

“The school year is a mess in Lebanon. Most – if not all – public schools have not yet opened their doors for the new academic year,” Heart for Lebanon co-founder Camille Melki says.

“Private schools have [opened] but exponentially spiked tuition rates to make up for the losses of the last two years. Parents are at a total loss.”

Heart for Lebanon provides three solutions in the name of Jesus. First, “We have our non-formal educational program for at-risk children,” Melki says.

(Photo courtesy of Heart for Lebanon)

“The ‘afternoon program’ is for students who are struggling academically. We provide continuing education support, tutoring, and mentoring,” he continues.

Finally, “The remaining 1,200 students we care for through scholarship programs. [A small amount of] financial aid allows bright students to study in a Christian school and be exposed to the Gospel.”

Monthly sponsorship and gifts from believers like you make it possible. Connect with Heart for Lebanon here to help “the least of these” move from despair to hope.

“Heart for Lebanon comes alongside to strengthen their education. But more importantly, that relationship of trust leads us to provide Gospel teaching [and] Bible lessons, in addition to all the academic lessons they have received,” Melki says.




Header and story images courtesy of Heart for Lebanon.

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