School in Kenya becomes a sanctuary

By November 20, 2014
(Photo courtesy Orphan Outreach)

(Photo courtesy Orphan Outreach)

Kenya (ORO/MNN) — Many kids nowadays see school as a prison. They feel like caged birds as they sit and wait for the bell to ring. But students in The Madeleine School are completely opposite. They see it as a sanctuary.

The Madeleine School sits in Bungoma, Kenya, bordered by Uganda in the West. Bungoma is a rural town with its main source being sugar.

But just because it produces sugar, it doesn’t make it sweet.

Many families in the town face extreme poverty, and a lot of these children are orphans living with extended families. According to UNICEF there are more than 2.6 million orphans in Kenya; about 1.2 million of them have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS.

The Madeleine School provides children with a meal and an education, something that has become more rare in Kenya. According to Orphan Outreach, few children complete their schooling and many are often obliged to work instead of going to school.

The Madeleine School serves as a church school, so it also shares the Word of God as part of its curriculum.

It serves around 130 kids.

Orphan Outreach is partnering with The Madeleine School, providing support of urgent needs, an agricultural program, and monthly sponsorships for children to attend the school.

Right now they are sponsoring over 40 kids in the town, but they have many more children that need to be sponsored. And they’re asking for your help.

To sponsor a child, bringing hope, education, and love into that child’s life, click here.

Pray that Orphan Outreach and The Madeleine School will be a means of bringing the hope of Christ to many children and their families.

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