School opens to Iraqi refugee children

By June 30, 2015
(Photo courtesy Voice of the Martyrs)

(Photo courtesy Voice of the Martyrs)

Iraq (MNN) — The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) estimates there are around two million Iraqi refugees forced from their homes because of the terror hailing from ISIS.

About half of them are children.

While fleeing from their homes, families had to leave everything behind, including school.

Schools in host countries don’t have the capacity for refugee children, and many schools in Iraq aren’t in operation. As a result, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi kids haven’t been to school for about a year. They have become known as the “lost generation.”

But, Voice of the Martyrs refuses to let children be lost or forgotten.

Recently, a local church leader and VOM partner started dreaming of opening a Christian school near a refugee camp because they “believe education is so important to the children.”

After searching for a place to hold the school, leaders found a house with a big backyard. “Though it would need many renovations before it was safe, church leaders discovered that it would accommodate four classrooms with enough space for at least 20 students in each classroom,” a VOM post said.

Church leaders shared the idea with Iraqi parents in the middle of June, stating that they wanted to hit educational goals, and since it would be a Christian school, they wanted to “bring the love of God to every house through the children.”

There was a starting goal of 25 kids.

But, a miracle happened.

The parents were so thrilled and eager with the opportunity that the school got many more student applications than they expected.

“We had around 100 kids register,” a VOM partner said. “This is a big challenge, but God is good.”

The school has kicked off and children are enjoying their time playing, participating in classroom activities, and learning in a safe environment. VOM hopes that the school will spark encouragement and the love of Christ with the Iraqi refugees.

Pray that Iraqi refugees will to look to Jesus while they start their new lives in foreign area. Pray also that VOM will be able to establish more schools for refugee children. Click here to help VOM come alongside more Iraq refugees in tangible ways.

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  • I will add this to my prayer journal. I pray for continued blessings for this great need. No child should go without basic needs like an education. I pray that the Kingdom continues to increase through this need.

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