Scripture booklet shipments reach Haiti despite supply chain challenges

By February 10, 2022

Haiti (MNN) — Supply chain problems continue globally, but Scripture booklets shipments make it through to distributors in Haiti. World Missionary Press shipped more than three million Scripture booklets and Kreyol New Testaments to Gospel workers in Haiti last year.

“Literature in Haiti is extremely expensive, so our New Testaments and our free Scripture booklets are just wonderful [assets to have],” WMP’s Helen Williams says.

“[Despite] all that seems to be going wrong in Haiti, they are still getting their supplies in. God is still moving and working.”

Haitian students read WMP Scripture booklets.
(Photo courtesy World Missionary Press)

One partner wrote in recently to tell Williams:

“To say 2021 was a difficult year is an understatement. That [year] began with the entire country of Haiti in a state of unrest, [and] things only got worse. We had a presidential assassination, multiple kidnappings, fuel shortages, out-of-control gang activity, two earthquakes, and a hurricane. Yet, through it all, God still reigns.”

Another partner combines humanitarian work with evangelism: repairing roads, installing wells, and introducing entire villages to Jesus. Eleven people were saved during a recent outreach involving the JESUS Film and Scripture booklets.

“The Haitians have a phrase: ‘water is life.’ When they put in these wells and [hand out] booklets, it’s a physical picture of what God is doing – [it’s] life-giving water, and He’s changing lives [through the Gospel],” Williams says.

World Missionary Press hopes to send its next container to Cap-Haïtien before March 1.

“It’s sitting in our warehouse ready to go, and that’s a big item for prayer. We’re still trying to work on the logistics to get it imported,” Williams says.

Help cover the costs of production and shipping here. Pray the Lord provides the resources needed to send the container as soon as possible. Ask God to help WMP and its Haitian partners overcome logistical hurdles.



Header image courtesy of World Missionary Press.

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