Scripture translation work finds open doors in Senegal

By October 3, 2007

Senegal (MNN) – A New Tribes Scripture translation project
in Manjack has provided unusual opportunities for ministry in Senegal. 

After spending a day teaching the team the various steps of
translating Scripture, a casual walk in the marketplace led
to the public reading of the Scriptures to stall holders. 

Missionary Lynn Harney explains: "When I started
reading, all the ladies who were selling animals in the market came running
(probably at the novelty of a foreigner speaking their language) and listened
intently until I was done. Then they
retold me the events of the story. They were able to retell it accurately."

According to New Tribes, when Harney told them that missionaries were writing God's Word in their language so that all the
Manjacks can hear how to receive eternal life from God, one lady said,
"Tell us what we have to do so that we can put it in our chest (believe)
and be saved."

Later, Harney passed a group of five young men who had heard the
missionaries reading earlier that morning. There were questions, so he sat to visit with them, too.

In both cases, the missionaries shared Christ, and some heard
the Gospel for the first time. Please pray that the team will accurately convey
the Gospel message in an understandable way.

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