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By May 26, 2014
(Photo by SIU)

(Photo by SIU)

Kenya (MNN) – “We really appreciate how you from North America provided us introduction to the Bread of Life. We need the Bread of Life, but we are getting indigestion from the wrapper.”

This quote by a bishop in West Africa gives a description of how America has shared the Gospel, but the way it is presented influences the culture.

The Scriptures In Use program Bridges For Neighbors focuses on training up leaders to present the Gospel to cultures that learn and understand orally.

A Scriptures In Use board member, Phil, describes how the Bridges for Neighbors program shares the Gospel in a way that is understood by the culture and desired by the people.

“I think we probably brought too much of our culture with us,” says Phil. “What I appreciate about this approach is that it adapts and maintains integrity of the Biblical message. But at the same time, it adapts and uses the cultural methods of presentation so they won’t ‘choke’ on the forms that let the message have its way in their hearts.”

Bridges For Neighbors trains leaders to tell the story of Jesus Christ in a way the culture understands.

“We present Scripture narratively so that it is true to Scripture but its also told in story which connects the heart of a listener.” says Phil.

Oral cultures need the Gospel described in a way that directly ties into their lives. Phil explains, “It is the way they pass on information about who they are and what the world is like. When we take the stories of the Bible and we present them in a chronological manner–and with attention to their worldview issues, they listen to it learn it and share it.”

Bridges For Neighbors “presents Scripture narratively, in a nonthreatening and open way, to Muslim cultures in order to build reconciliation and between peoples,” says Phil.

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