Scriptures will help preserve a nation

By July 2, 2010

USA (MNN) — An audio Scripture
project is underway for the Native American Hochunk Nation in the Midwest. 

The Hochunks, also known as the Winnebago, are original residents of the
Great Lakes area, particularly Wisconsin and Illinois.

Most Hochunk people speak English today, but some people, especially
elders, also speak the native Ho-chunk language, which took the speakers down
to only a few dozen people in Wisconsin and Nebraska.

Without a way to preserve it, it would eventually die out. A vigorous Hochunk revival program is helping
young people to learn their ancestral language again, and other means of
preserving the history and culture are being utilized.

That's why there is a lot of
excitement surrounding the newest recording project by Audio Scripture
. They recently got the
copyright for the HoChunk Nation New Testament from a man who wanted to
preserve the translation for future generations.

So far, only the book of Mark has
been recorded in this language. Ask God for wisdom in finishing and
distributing the project. There is still a need
for funding for the project, both in audio and in print. Click here for details on funding needs.

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