Season of Service prepares communities for Gospel

By July 22, 2010

International (MNN) — Haircuts. Food and clothing
distribution. School and home repairs. Park cleanups. These are just a few of
the many tasks performed by thousands of volunteers in Yakima Valley,
Washington in preparation for the Luis Palau Association CityFest.

Evangelist Andrew Palau, son of evangelist Luis Palau,
explained this partnership and service with the local churches: "Really,
the Season of Service is one of the many elements of the festival; it's when
the spiritual leadership in a city decides to come together for a season to
share the Good News and to express unity of the body."

Just this past weekend, nearly 4,000 volunteers came
together in Yakima Valley, enhancing and multiplying the work of the local
churches in the area.

Season of Service takes place for two to three months in advance of each Luis Palau Festival.

Palau said these acts form a great relationship between the
local churches and the city: "The churches go to the mayors of
these cities and say, 'We're coming together for this time. What can we do to
help you?' It's a great partnership between the church and the business and
civic leaders."

Through this, they began to break down stereotypes and unite
believers from various backgrounds and regions in a common purpose.

Ultimately, the recipients
of these services see the love of Christ in action. Season of Service lives out Matthew 5:17 —
"Let your light so shine before men that they will see your good deeds and
honor your Father who is in heaven," as well as Jeremiah 29:7 — "Seek the peace
and prosperity of the city to which I have taken you into exile. Pray for the
city because if it prospers, you too will prosper."

Would you like to volunteer for Season of Service during one
of Luis Palau's festivals? Palau said the next festival is coming up on
September 11 in San Diego, California. Next, they head to Uganda for the Love
Kampala Festival, then to Chile, and finally to Phoenix, Arizona next year.

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