Second Afghan Christian convoy reaches Pakistan

By September 13, 2021

Afghanistan (MNN) — The second convoy of Afghan Christians has successfully reached Pakistan after fleeing the Taliban’s rule. Read more about the convoys here. Now, Pakistan has closed its border with Afghanistan and is even trying to send some refugees back.

Nehemiah of FMI says the next task is getting these Christian families resettled in their new homes. “They were staying in Afghan refugee camps, but rape towards children, boys and girls, is very common there, so we are trying to get inexpensive housing for them. A few families we have already shifted to inexpensive housing.”

As the first convoy traveled, they met other families who begged to come with them. You can help FMI get 52 families, over 400 people, into housing. Learn more here.

This photo shows Afghan Christians who made the trip from Afghanistan to Pakistan. Photo courtesy of FMI.

Pastor Javid

Meanwhile, Pastor Javid, who led the first convoy, plans to return to Afghanistan. Nehemiah says, “He’s on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. He’s trying to get into Afghanistan. But there are multiple problems. Afghanistan’s new government, the Taliban, doesn’t have any system at the borders. They have changed the country’s name to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. They don’t have any stamps or any documentation, so they’re not allowing anybody to come into Afghanistan.”

Pastor Javid will continue to serve his ten congregations in Afghanistan when he gets back. But he also has plans to form another convoy. Ask God to give him wisdom for the days ahead. Read more about Pastor Javid’s story.

How to pray

Ask God to protect and strengthen Afghan Christians, whether they fled to Pakistan or stayed behind. Nehemiah says, “Pray especially for the woman and girls, as they are under great threat from the Taliban. Because they have been getting notices and letters that the Taliban will come and kidnap these vulnerable believers.”

Pray also that those who have settled can get jobs and access to healthcare. COVID-19 cases have started rising again in Pakistan.



Header photo courtesy of FMI.

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