Second-year students share and grow in the Word

By September 28, 2009

USA (MNN) — Shepherds College, a Shepherds
post-secondary educational institution, helps the
developmentally-disabled transition to independent living. Faculty at the
college observes remarkable spiritual growth in second-year students.

"During the course of the year…we saw some
serious rededications of their lives to Christ," said Bruce Henne, a
teacher at Shepherds College. "We saw also some embrace Christ for the
first time and really ask Him to be their Savior."

Henne notes more interest from students in God's
Word and an independent pursuit of Him in Scripture.

"They wanna do it right, and they have a sincerity
that comes through," Henne says. "I think it's convincing to others,
and God is in it. It's just a wonderful thing to see the enthusiasm of the
people here and be part of the project here."

One of Shepherds' principles is to provide an
opportunity for students to discover their Creator and the purpose He has
designed for their life. Biblical classes feature Word-centered teaching and practical day-to-day application. Weekly chapel services and meetings with
a personal mentor are part of the college's spiritual program; church
attendance and participation are also encouraged.

Student outreach is yielding fruit. Henne describes
one student's heart for acquaintances in his hometown's police and fire
department. This student prays for his friends' needs and salvation.  

"He's heartfelt about these things; he really
cares for their spiritual well-being. He himself does
share the Gospel with other people"

The abilities of developmentally-challenged people
are often underestimated. Ask God to give them courage and boldness to
overcome these stereotypes.

"Sometimes we may sell people short, and that's
a mistake," explains Henne. "Some of them have been beaten
down and ridiculed in the past."

Pray for these students as they overcome these
barriers and find a place in society. Ask God to draw closer to students as
they draw near to Him. Pray also for spiritual growth to continue.

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