Secret of Life goes live for Afghans

By February 11, 2015

Afghanistan (SAT-7) — “Christianity in Afghanistan is growing rapidly right now,” says Rev Mansour Khajepour, Executive Director of SAT-7 PARS. “The need to support the growth and witness of these new believers is growing at an equally rapid rate.”

(Photo Courtesy SAT-7)

(Photo Courtesy SAT-7)

It is risky for people in Afghanistan to call SAT-7 PARS programs. Secret police are monitoring their phone calls, e-mails, and text messages. They could be imprisoned or even killed for choosing to follow Christ. Still, they call programs like Secret of Life to share their testimonies and prayer requests.

There is great demand for programs focusing on everyday issues affecting all Afghans, presented in a Persian dialect spoken by the majority of Afghans: Dari.

The program Secret of Life, which goes live later this month on SAT-7 PARS, will seek to reach the multitudes who are hungry for truth and hope from God’s Word. The live program will be produced in Canada by Pamir Productions.

“SAT-7 PARS and Pamir Productions share a vision to one day have a 24/7 satellite TV channel for the people of Afghanistan.  This program is bringing that vision one step closer to a reality,” says Rev Khajepour.

Secret of Life focuses on important topics such as the role of women in society, family life, and drug addiction. The hosts use Scripture to address social issues and assist viewers in finding God’s truth in the midst of their difficult situations.
Every episode begins by comparing and contrasting different points of view on the topic of the day. In addition, the host reads viewer messages, which often offer opposing views. One might be from a woman’s point of view, while the second is from a man or young person. He then describes how Afghani society views the issue. After live discussions with viewers, he finally concludes with how Jesus would view the issue.

Often, SAT-7 PARS viewers share that they are in despair because of poverty, violence, and oppressive family environments. Some feel that they have little control over their lives. Through programs like Secret of Life, they learn that the life of Jesus empowers them to bring peace and joy into their homes by changing their own behavior.

Continue to pray for the people who view this show. Pray that they would be touched by the truth shared with them and come to put their faith in Jesus.

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