Securing the future for ministry in China

By May 29, 2018

China (MNN) — Bibles for China’s Wendell Rovenstine recently went to China to set plans in motion for the ministry’s future. After turning 80 this year, he has decided it is time to step back from his work and pass on the baton.

“The period with me for Bibles for China – we all have a point – but I will not be present of the organization anymore,” Rovenstine shares.

Securing the Future

(Photo courtesy of Bibles for China via Facebook)

“We were securing this time, this trip to make sure that we have a presence, that we have a[n] opportunity to always do Bibles for China, developing our branding… just making sure that anywhere in China that someone mentions Bibles for China that they know this is what we do.”

Rovestine knows giving Bibles to believers and unreached people in China isn’t a quick fix. Rather, it’s part of a long-term vision. It takes time and there needs to be sustainable, established work and ministry workers that will continue spreading the Gospel even after he has left.

“There is a need for Bibles, there will always be a need for Bibles, and our goal this time was to give opportunity for us to give Bibles for China a way to other individuals, other organizations, other countries, other communities.”

On this last trip, Rovenstine took two couples to secure relations and help nationals understand the responsibility they hold as well as the process of giving Bibles.

Rovenstine also wanted to make it clear to nationals that Bibles for China is giving God’s Word, but they’re not governing the Chinese people.

“We go to China, we’re in China, and we really try to embrace the Three-Self [Patriotic] movements of responsibility there. But that organization strictly means ‘their self’. They have self-governments, they have self-support, and they have self-propagation,” Rovenstine says.

“We’re not going over necessar[ily] to support the Church. We’re not going over there to preach the Gospel. We’re going over there, giving them God’s Word. So, we were securing that relationship in China with our three, what I call associate leaders, to understand and know this is our simple mission at Bibles for China.”

Give through Bibles for China

(Photo courtesy of Bibles for China via Facebook)

Though the idea of giving Bibles to the legal Church in China may be simple, the strategy and regular provision are not.

One of Bibles for China’s major concerns is that other organizations say they distribute Bibles in China, but that isn’t their focus and donations may end up supporting projects for other nations instead.

“When you get into that website community, it will not guarantee that money is going to China for Bibles in China. And Bibles for China, that’s where we invest our funds, that’s where we transfer funds just for Bibles to be placed into China and China only.”

As Rovenstine finishes up his time with the ministry, Bibles for China hopes to find churches, corporations, and families who will willingly make monthly contributions to the ministry so there can be a determined and reliable amount that they can use to give Bibles to people in China.

The Chinese people are passionate about the Gospel and Rovenstine says during distributions, people will walk for miles just to receive a Bible.

Help establish future plans by donating Bibles on a monthly basis. Just $5 buys a Bible.

You can also join Bibles for China in prayer for financial partnerships or you can join them on a trip and help as they give out Bibles.

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