Security concerns don’t prevent CRI from taking Christian materials to Russia

By April 9, 2010

Russia (MNN) — Since the March 29th suicide bombings in Moscow, security concerns have been in the forefront of everyone's minds traveling in and to Russia.

Christian Resources International has a trip scheduled May 17-28 to Tyumen, Russia, which is located in Western Siberia, about 1300 miles east of Moscow.

While those on the trip will be catching a connecting flight in the Moscow airport, John Lowrey of CRI has little concern for security, especially since they will not even leave the airport.

Lowrey explained the nature of the trip: "We're going to be taking in English Christian books and Bibles, distributing those, letting people read through them and then come back and ask us questions. And we'll have English discussion groups about those books."

With all the printed materials in English, as well as the discussion, Lowrey said this will be a new and exciting experience.

However, he is concerned that officials may try to confiscate the Christian materials while they are transporting them, so Lowrey is praying they will turn a blind eye. "We're just going to trust the Lord that He will help us get the books to the destination and that once in the library, they will stay there."

If the books make it to the shelves of the missionaries' library, they have the potential to do more than just improve their readers' English: "A lot of the students will come just to get something printed in English, so to be able to give them Christian books to read will meet their need. But it will also meet a spiritual need, which is far greater," Lowrey said.

Pray for the team as they prepare to leave and travel to Russia. Pray that the materials will be delivered safely into the hands of the missionaries and not be confiscated by government officials. Pray for the many individuals who will be reading the books who are not Christians. Also, pray that they will understand the message of hope Christ offers and be drawn to it.

To help CRI with funds for these materials or other ones they ship all around the world, visit their Web site,

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