Seeds planted at international book fair in Egypt

By March 4, 2008

Egypt (MNN) — The World Bible
Translation Center
recently took part in an International Book Fair in
Cairo. Many Muslims and Arabs purchased
the Easy-to-Read Arabic New Testaments.

translation has many advantages over traditional translations due to
uncomplicated grammar and contemporary words that effectively communicate the
truth of the hope of Christ.

As more interest grew, the team
attracted notice of the police. On three
different occasions, authorities observed the team talking intently with the
attendees. That led them to arrest one team member and put him in jail. 

While the constitution allows for
freedom of conversion, it seems to give preference to Muslims. Christians are treated as second-class
citizens, denied political representation, and many times, discriminated

The WBTC team member was later released,
and the team compared their experience to that of the Apostles in Acts 5. According
to WBTC, when they were questioned, the team told the police that when people
ask about the Bible or Jesus, "We can't say that we don't know!"

That worldview is at the heart of
the church-planting movement. WBTC is
committed to providing the Easy-to-Read Bible
to aid in bringing people to an understanding of who makes up the church and
how the church is to work. The ERV Bibles and
New Testaments are available in 30 languages around the world to ministries and
churches working to plant more churches. Click here if you can help
support WBTC.

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