Seeing Past the Cathedrals

By June 13, 2016

Germany (MNN) — Europe has had a long history of Christian influence, from its many towering cathedrals to the monarchs who claimed to have been given divine power to rule.

But according to Jonathon Shibley of Global Advance, that perception doesn’t see past the ornate mask to the real problem and the hopelessness many face.

“The god of secular humanism really has no answers for these times and this crisis, and people are beginning to wake up and realize they need divine help,” says Shibley.


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That’s why this is a pivotal time to bring the gospel to many European nations.

“It’s a new message, it’s a fresh message when presented in a fresh way to a new generation that’s probably never actually heard the real gospel presented to them in a relevant way.”

So Global Advance decided to take their ‘Marketplace Missions’ initiative by presenting an event called ‘Business Transforum’.

“We got nine different German-based organizations to work together in unity and in spirit and brought together Christian businessmen and women from all over the country.”

But why business people? What gives people working in the marketplace such a unique opportunity?

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Shibley explains, “Those that are in business and in the marketplace just by nature of doing work and business you interact with people on a daily basis from all different genres.”

And Transforum was designed to show them exactly how far their impact could spread. One of the primary focuses was on being an ambassador for Christ in every situation–letting Him use individuals in any circumstance.

“I am the light of the world, I can be salt and light here in my nation, I may not be able to overtly evangelize but I can bring Christ to people in an everyday context.”

Specifically, Global Advance wanted to focus on the refugee crisis and the flux of incoming immigrants. The goal was to show businessmen and women that they could play a crucial part in the situation, and that there are plenty of ways to do so.

“We also want to see Christian businessmen and women to step up to the plate to do their part in whatever way God is pricking their hearts to be a solution to the humanitarian crisis,” says Shibley. “Whether that’s serving those in need, whether that’s giving money, whether that’s being aware of what’s going on and getting churches involved.”

Shibley was thrilled to see such an overwhelmingly positive response to the convention.

“We wanted to come alongside and really just be a stimulus and a spark to what God’s already doing there, and it was just phenomenal to see the Lord move in a powerful way.”

But what now? It turns out Transforum is already having an impact on those who attended.

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“We’re beginning to see groups form where they’re meeting more on a regular basis and we plan to have more teams come in just to mentor and encourage and disciple the leaders there in the marketplace.”

Even though the conference was so well-received, Shibley says there’s still plenty you can do to help.

“Global Advance needs the prayer and support of people all over the country. We can’t do what we do without the prayer support of friends and partners, and also the financial support which allows us to help sponsor these types of initiatives all over the world.”

It’s clear that God is at work in Germany, and with your support Global Advance can continue its outreach into other untouched areas desperate for the hope of the gospel.

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