Seeking the center of God’s will

By July 9, 2019

USA (MNN) — God is on a mission to redeem relationships through Christ Jesus. In 2 Peter 3:9, the writer explains how God’s will is for none to perish, but for all to repent. Ruth Hubbard, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s Vice President for Urbana, says:

“His intent is that each community and every generation would be fully submitted, that they would live as faithful witnesses submitted to the authority of Jesus Christ.”

Seeking God’s Will

person running towards city, missionsChurches, communities, and individuals ebb and flow in their obedience to God. However, Hubbard sees a faithfulness in the generation currently transitioning into adulthood.

Part of the call on the Christian life is to make disciples and to bring others into a place of knowing and loving God. Culturally, this generation was raised to value all people, even those who are different. Hubbard believes there’s a place within God’s Kingdom work for this mindset.

“But it’s also a culture that wants everyone to have the freedom to do whatever they want to do because they’ve chosen to do it because you should just be able to be you. The complexity of the Gospel is that while God’s love and care for each of us is completely inclusive, He calls us to holiness as well,” Hubbard explains.

Submitting to Jesus

The call to holiness requires submitting not to ourselves, but to the authority of Jesus. In turning from ourselves and toward God, Hubbard says we become our true self, the person we were designed to be by God. However, becoming this person is a lifelong journey.

“He extends grace to us over our whole lifetime of moving toward that. One of my encouragements to people…is God will set a standard of this beautiful holiness, this purity, and yet, He doesn’t reject us in our journey,” Hubbard says.

“We can stand pretty close to Jesus, but have our eyes turned away from Him…What do we do to keep our eyes on Jesus, and to keep moving toward him?”

Answering her own question, Hubbard suggests Christians pursue spiritual disciplines and live life in communities who point them to Jesus.

Join in Prayer

Pray for this generation. Ask Jesus to bring redemption and hope on college campuses. Pray for students on campuses to have boldness in declaring Christ’s love and the Gospel.

bible, wall, hand, man, boy

Will you consider joining InterVarsity’s Every Campus movement? Commit to praying for a local campus. Walk that campus, invite students to Bible studies, and help disciple this generation.

But also, challenge yourself by asking: am I at the center of God’s Will?

Learn more about the EveryCampus movement and how you can commit to prayer here.

Find more ways to get involved with InterVarsity’s campus ministry here.

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