Seminar Gets Nine Months Training Into One Week

By June 19, 2007

International (MNN) — Dave Tippit of Sammy Tippit Ministries has a busy summer ahead of him with.

Last week, Tippit was in India for the first of three discipleship training seminars scheduled for this summer through Eternal Concepts.  Fifty university-aged students in Madurai, India
took part in the seminar that is similar to the nine month version held in San Antonio, Texas.

Students spend 16 hours each day at the seminar. The days consist of worship, quiet time and discussions.  Topics such as prayer, humility, Christianity and culture around the
world are discussed.  Students are able to read, study and discuss the Gospels in depth.

During the second trip, to Romania in July,  Tippit will also hold over 20 lectures on
subjects such as prayer, worship, humility, and faith.  On top of the lectures, he plans to visit several orphanages and schools to distribute "fun" items for children that have
little to enjoy in life.  They will also be able to give several necessities.

Finally, he will be in the Philippines in October.  The format will be the same as the previous seminars but the 100 students who attend will also be introduced to video speakers.

Plans for summer 2008 seminars have already begun and may bring Tippit back to India and to Africa.  It takes thousands of hours to coordinate these trips and prepare the content with a team of people working on it.

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