Seminar provides tools for reaching Muslims

By February 12, 2010

USA (MNN) — For many Christians, reaching out to Muslims can be a problem. Fear of every Muslim being a terrorist, or belief that Muslim and Christian views are the same can lead to some of the biggest issues.

"The Church in America today lacks a biblical understanding of Islam and tools [for] how to witness to or communicate with Muslims without offending them," said Fouad Masri of the Crescent Project.

To help, the Crescent Project is hosting a BRIDGES One-Day Seminar in Louisville Kentucky.

Masri said, "It is a one-day training on Islam and how to build bridges with Muslims."

Held on March 6, the conference will last from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Topics covered are: History of Islam, Islamic Belief & Ritual, Attitudes of an Ambassador, Bridging the Gospel, and Tools for Reaching Muslims. The seminar will remind Christians of their calling, not only to Muslims but to the whole world.

"Our role is to show them the love of Jesus. Our role is to be an ambassador for Christ. Our role is to focus on Jesus as the Savior and present them the best thing we have," Masri said.

Already, these seminars have helped to train and equip 12,500 individuals. Masri said there are a variety of attendees, with about a third consisting of people from the business world, a third from the church, and a third who are students in high school or college.

Ultimately, the seminar is crucial because many Muslims want to hear about Christ, Masri said. And their response to His message is seen daily: "Really, God is on the move, and every day we see Muslims take Bibles, become followers of Jesus, be baptized. So it's exciting to see that God is working."

Also, on Feb. 18 the Crescent Project is offering another way to reach out to the Muslim world through a day of pray for Muslim women. Masri said these women experience social injustice daily through female circumcision, pleasure marriage, child marriage, wife abuse and polygamy.

"As believers in Jesus, we are required to speak up for the poor, for the oppressed, and for the people in prison. A lot of women are oppressed in the Muslim world," he said.

Please join believers around the globe on Feb. 18 to pray for Muslim women. Pray also for the leaders of Muslim countries to change the rules that bind so many of these women.

For more information about this day of prayer, or to sign up for the BRIDGES seminar, click here.

Or you can visit the Crescent Project's Web site to learn about their other ministries.

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