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Published on 03 November, 2010

Send a bit of hope to a prisoner this Christmas

International (MNN) — Christmas is traditionally a time to gather with friends and family, far and near. Unfortunately, those in prison are not privileged to go home and enjoy the holidays with their loved ones.

Crossroad Bible Institute (CBI) offers an opportunity to encourage those who are incarcerated this December. CBI says their "Christmas Send-A-Card Program seeks to bring them the hope of Christ this Christmas." Inmates are able to receive Christmas cards and be touched by these special greetings.

There is a specific list of instructions for those who want to send cards. They must be appropriate English or Spanish cards; messages can be added, such as a Bible verse or a word of encouragement. The sender must sign his or her first name only, or "A brother/sister in Christ."

The card must fit into a 6 x 9 envelope but cannot be sealed; simply insert it in its blank envelope. The cards are to be mailed in the blank envelope to CBI sometime between now and November 8.

The cards cannot have any foil, stickers, pop-up parts, glue, paint or glitter, and they cannot be the hand-made layered variety. No stamp should be affixed to the envelope because CBI staff will be taking care of that. If a card is not signed, it cannot be sent. Cards that do not comply with these regulations required by prisons cannot be sent.

Even a small card could make a difference in the heart of a prisoner that does not have much. This is a great witnessing opportunity for those who have no hope for the future and need to hear the hope of Christ. If you want to get involved, click here.

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