Send International has a new General Director

By May 11, 2004

USA (MNN) — Send International will have a new General Director this summer. 42-year-old Warren Janzen will be changing his focus from church planting to managing an entire mission.

Janzen was elected to take over for Frank Severn was has served as General Director since 1980. Severn will continue to serve with Send as the General Director Emeritus. Janzen has served at the Japan Area Director for five years. Speaking from Japan he says, “I will be the third General Director for Send International taking up that office on July 1st. So, it’s a big change from church planting and ministry leadership here in Japan, but we’re looking forward to what God has for the future.”

Janzen says he sees some challenges ahead. He says ‘global mobilization’ is just one area. “There are a number of host country Christians who want to join in God’s kingdom work. I’m told we have enough contacts right now from non-North American countries to fill all of our personnel needs. But, the real challenge then is mobilizing those people and that’s specifically in terms of finances and visas.”

That doesn’t mean North Americans aren’t needed, but the target fields are now seeing Christians ready to join the mission field. Janzen says, “It’s not that we’re reducing our recruiting in North America or Europe, but we’re increasing our recruiting among those where we’re already working.”

One of the other areas where they’ll be focusing is North American churches. Janzen says, “We don’t want to go out on our own. We don’t want to get in the way of what God is doing with North American churches. And, to be used by Him to help motivate North American churches to join with non-North American churches to get the Gospel out,” says Janzen.

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