SEND missionaries plan outreach for July

By February 26, 2009

Spain (MNN) — Because Spain ranks among the least-evangelized countries in the world according to SEND International, an "evangelistic campaign" is planned for
the first two weeks of July.

"Perhaps a good starting point for understanding the history of Spain is to note that the Bible has been a prohibited book for about the last 500 years, with only 25 years of religious freedom," says SEND's Mike Baker. "Many today view the state's defense of religious intolerance as precisely what has held Spain back from growing as a world power."

Unfortunately, religious freedom has caused many to throw Christianity completely out the window. "Attendance at Mass is at an all-time low," says Baker in reference to the Catholic Church's previous religious stronghold. "Even the Roman Catholic Church is calling for a new evangelism of Spain."

Working closely with Spanish churches and believers, the main focus of SEND's ministry includes church planting and evangelism. Through sports, films, family events and discussion Bible studies, SEND missionaries encourage Spaniards to consider Christ.

With a high level of unemployment and evangelical communities sizing less than 1/10 percent of the country, small congregations struggle to support full-time workers. Pray that God puts Spain on the hearts of godly men and women to further the Gospel.

The Spain SEND team wants to plant a
church in Baeza, a historical town of 20,000 unreached people. If you'd
like to be a part of this ministry, click here

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