Sequestration in the United States will affect at least one ministry

By February 18, 2013

USA (MNN) — Another fiscal crisis is looming in the United States. The sequestration of $1.2 trillion will require cuts from defense and non-defense spending because of a fractured budget deal. While many government leaders are concerned about it, ministry organizations are also wondering how it will affect them.

Biblica Director of Military Ministry Mark Rader says they've been working with the U.S. military since the War of 1812. Rader says they have Bibles for each branch of the service. "Just recently, a few months ago, we developed our new resource called the Greatest Warrior New Testament. And it also includes five very powerful stories of service members who have suffered combat trauma and post-traumatic stress."

Working through military chaplains, Biblica has had an impact on soldiers. "It looks like we will [distribute over] 100,000 of those military Bibles and other Scripture products to our men and women in uniform" over the last year.

If something isn't worked out in Congress, an automatic cut of over a trillion dollars from the United States budget cut [could] make funding for Bibles obsolete. Rader says, "I have talked with a number of senior chaplains just during the last month from all branches of service, and they–all of them–are concerned about what's going to happen with the budget cuts."

Rader says that's why supporting Biblica is needed now more than ever. "We have what we call a Military Chaplain's Fund. And that's supported by donations from individuals, from churches, and from military installations to help us to be able to provide these resources."

According to Rader, the Scripture resources are in high demand. One chaplain writes, "Our soldiers are flocking to us to receive these Bibles. On our last deployment, many of our soldiers had Bibles that had been given them: by their beds, well-worn from use." Rader adds, "We get testimonies back from people who have actually come to Christ through those resources."

Your $20 donation can provide 8 of The Greatest Warrior New Testaments. Click here to support the work of Biblica.

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