How to serve God on Spring Break ’14

By January 9, 2014
The polar vortex plunged most of the U.S. into record lows earlier this week.  (Screenshot courtesy Grand Rapids, Michigan's Fox17 News)

The polar vortex plunged most of the U.S.
into record lows earlier this week.
(Screenshot courtesy Grand Rapids, Michigan’s Fox17 News)

USA (MNN) — The U.S. “polar vortex” has many people looking forward to Spring Break and sunny beaches.

Beginning in the Midwest over the weekend, wintery weather soon spread throughout the country. Even tropical Hawaii wasn’t immune to the cold: Fox News says it was 18 degrees Fahrenheit atop Mauna Kea. By Tuesday, all 50 of the United States saw freezing temperatures at some point.

As families and college students look ahead to a warmer get-away, some may wonder how to serve God on Spring Break ’14.

Judy VanderArk says a MOSES, Inc. short-term mission trip could be the answer. During the first week of April, they’ll be taking a team to McLain, Mississippi.

“We’ll be helping build steps and ramps for people with infirmities…. We clean up yards and properties, and we paint and do small repairs, things like that,” VanderArk says.

MOSES is a peer ministry that equips young people for missions. They’ve been building relationships with the people of McLain to combat the community’s general hopelessness. At the same time, MOSES teams introduce the love and kindness of Jesus Christ.

(Map courtesy

(Map courtesy

While ministering to the people of McLain, VanderArk says MOSES teams also get a chance to serve one another.

“Relationships [are] integral to the whole program,” VanderArk states. “We don’t serve in a vacuum; we serve alongside our peers, and we encourage one another.”

While their focus is on equipping the next generation, VanderArk says MOSES trips are for families, too.

“We waive our age requirement–which is normally 14 or ninth grade–if a parent or both parents are on the trip.”

You can sign up for the MOSES Spring Break trip here.

Screenshot at top of page courtesy Fox 17 News:

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