Set Free Ministries helps believers escape spiritism

By May 15, 2023

East Africa (MNN) — Global interest in spiritism rose dramatically during the pandemic. Psychics in the United States tell CNN their customer base grew exponentially in 2020 and 2021.

Other societies dabble in the occult on a daily basis. “In East Africa, there’s an intense connection with witchcraft. That’s the default religion,” Set Free Ministries’ Dave McIntyre says.

“Even our teachers say, ‘I grew up afraid of the witch doctors. Now, I realize that – in Christ – I’m far above all that.’”

Set Free Ministries operates over a dozen primary schools in East Africa. Spiritual warfare – the kind described in Ephesians 6 – is an essential part of the Christian curriculum.

“We teach them who they are in Christ and that they don’t have to contact or be involved with witchcraft or demonic spirits, and we disciple them to renounce that,” McIntyre says.

Students often have a different experience at Set Free’s schools than at home. Divination is so pervasive in East Africa that even Christian households are not immune from its influence. “There’s a lot of fear,” McIntyre says.

“It’s not uncommon for an evangelical Christian family to have a shrine to their local witchcraft – demons, basically – in their home.”

Believers often fall into this mindset because they don’t know what the Bible says about spiritual warfare. “People don’t understand who they are in Christ,” McIntyre says.

“When you train people and teach them the Word of God, and they get it, they live without fear. They don’t have to worry about offending the local deities and the demons behind them.”

Got questions? Connect with Set Free Ministries here. Pray believers will understand the truth about spiritism and Christ’s power over demonic forces as described in Scripture.

“It’s incredible to see people walking in their true identity (in Christ.) It’s a much stronger way to live,” McIntyre says.




Tarot cards are one type of divination card used in spiritism. (Photo courtesy of petr Sidorov/unsplash)

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