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Published on 19 July, 2010

Severe flooding in Haryana and Punjab affect every child in two Compassion centers

India (MNN) — India has suffered a great deal at the hands of heavy rains recently. Flooding in Ambala City in Haryana as well as in Punjab has caused severe damage to two Compassion International child development centers. 

In Haryana, the Tangri and Gaggar rivers overflowed as a result of the rain, breaking the city's dams and ravaging homes. In Punjab, several days of heavy rains forced many from their homes. In both areas, many people have been left without basic needs or shelter.

The affected Compassion center in Haryana has 80 registered children. Each one of their homes was flooded, and they have all lost their belongings. The same is true for the Compassion center in Punjab. This center was in a low-lying area–a prime target for flooding.

Compassion India is doling out food and other relief supplies, but they have yet to locate all of the children in Haryana. Many families relocated to temporary shelters to get away from the flooding, making it difficult to contact and help all of the children. In Punjab, many children are staying with relatives or neighbors, and staff are working to gather more information.

The children and the Compassion India staff have all been affected by the floods, but so has the rest of the community. Pray that the staff would be a comfort to all of those around them and a light to Christ’s love. Pray for safety for the families of the Compassion children, and pray that God would end the rains and flooding soon.

If you sponsor a child through Compassion at the center IN-929 in Haryana or IN-233 in Punjab, Compassion will contact you about your affected child. Compassion India will keep everyone posted with updates here.

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