Sewing Hope

By December 7, 2009

India (MNN) — Through the Gospel for Asia Christmas Gift Catalog, ten women were given a desperately-needed second chance. These women came from a painful background — some had AIDS, some left the sex trade, and others were abused. Each received a sewing machine and hope for a new life.

Ten GFA-supported missionaries delivered the machines with a message of God's love. The sewing machines provide these women with a source of income and the ability to sustain themselves, along with preventing a future drenched in despair. Learning to sew opens up job opportunities that weren't previously attainable.

Aishwarya Baiji prayed faithfully with her husband that God would provide a sewing machine; she had long dreamed of being a seamstress. As a field worker, Aishwarya earned only half the wages that men were paid. After receiving a GFA-provided sewing machine, she and fellow believer Kanta Baiji planned to share this hope with others in their village.

"I'm going to encourage others that whatever their needs are, pray and spend time with God," said Kanta. "If they don't see the answer today, maybe tomorrow, but just be faithful. God will provide in His timing."

GFA's Women's Ministry strengthens congregations by helping women grow spiritually. The ministry grounds new believers in God's Word and teaches women how to serve in the local church and how to share the Gospel in their communities. It also includes Bible college training for women missionaries and pastors' wives serving alongside their husbands.

In many Asian cultures, male missionaries are unable to share the Gospel with unreached women. By receiving proper training, missionaries' and pastors' wives are enabled to witness and be representatives of Christ.

To support or learn more about GFA's efforts to bring Asia's women into the Kingdom, click here. Pray that women who received sewing machines will utilize these gifts for a prosperous future.

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