SGA begins aviation ministry

By June 16, 2016

Russia (MNN) – In the far east reaches of Russia, there are still villages with no access to the outside world. These villages are nestled behind rivers and other natural barriers, preventing them from traveling to larger societies.

Something else these isolated villages have been barred from is the Gospel.

Image courtesy of Slavic Gospel Association

Image courtesy of Slavic Gospel Association

But, this is about to change. According to Slavic Gospel Association’s President Robert Provost, SGA is launching a new aviation ministry to serve far east Russian villages.

“So the Lord has led us to begin developing an aviation ministry there, that involves trained pilots, and trained pilots who are also theologically trained. And someone has already given us three airplanes. One is there and two are on the way. And we have more airplanes available to us.“

There are at least ten more Russian pilots ready for the job. Mission aviation works in a couple ways.

For one, the pilots often need to be evangelists too. Also, mission aviation helps bridge the gap between people who have heard the Gospel and people who haven’t. And because mission pilots are from the outside world, who most people in remote villages don’t often see, people are automatically drawn to them.

“The way it works is they fly towards the village, and then they circle it several times, and these little airplanes as you know are noisy. And so they circle it a few times and the people come out of their house and they come out of their buildings to see what’s going on. And then when the airplane lands, everybody runs out to see the airplane, to talk to the pilot, to find out why he’s come,” Provost explains.

Sometimes the pilot is able to share the Gospel right then and there. Other times, the pilot is often invited by the mayor or leader to speak in a town meeting.

“Or, because the children are so starved for activity, they usually are quick to say, ‘We would like to have it if you could come and have a children’s program for us. Maybe you could have a summer camp for a week or two or a vacation Bible school.’ Because the children really just need encouragement. Everyone needs encouragement because they’re stranded,” Provost says.

(Photo courtesy Adam Reeder via Flicker) Aviation sunset.

(Photo courtesy Adam Reeder via Flicker) Aviation sunset.

However, there are villages that have churches. In these cases, pilots still go out to them to help hold conferences to encourage and strengthen the church.

The mission pilots will be flying in and out and possibly living for a time in these remote villages. For this reason, these mission pilots need support.

Anything, even as little as $5 a month, is welcomed and appreciated.

To donate, click here!

OR contact SGA directly at 800-BIBLE-50.


  • Master says:

    Lord help me to be one of the OM people and provide the ministry with some donations

  • Hello, would it be possible to get in touch with somebody who could give more information about a new aviation project that is going to take place in Far East Russia?

    I would appreciate if you could provide the name and contact details of a person who is best to talk to.

    Thank you very much.

    Pavel Skrinchuk.

  • Ann Miller says:

    Hi Pavel–

    I’ve sent your query on to SGA. Someone will be in touch soon.

  • Beth Stolicker says:

    Hi Pavel,

    Call 1-800-BIBLE50 and ask for Eric. He’ll be able to answer questions you might have.

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