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By July 20, 2012

USA (MNN) — During the days of the former Soviet Union, religion was suppressed. Christians were persecuted. Believers went underground.

"Atheism and the communist government went hand-in-hand.
They really did their best to try to push the academic and science and
how to solve all the world's problems," says
Joel Griffith with the Slavic Gospel Association.

For the last few weeks, you've may have heard us offer the book, "Scientists Who Find God" by Eric C. Barrett. This resource is available free of charge from SGA, and we'd like to tell you why you should have it in your library.

SGA's Joel Griffith says the book was written with the atheist in mind — those who believe science is more reliable than Scripture.

"'Scientists Who Find God' is the testimony of those who are immersed in the scientific or academic sort of background" says Griffith "It describes the steps that they came through to realize that science and faith aren't necessarily mutually exclusive."

Griffith says the recent discussion about the "God Particle" has been good. "Just the very fact that it got the whole issue of science and God back into the global discussion is a wonderful thing because that affords scientists who believe in God the opportunity to [talk about] their faith and to show that the two are not necessarily incompatible with one another."

According to Griffith, the book is a great resource and tool to begin talking about faith. "We have to be able to share our personal faith and to articulate the Gospel. We point people to the Word of God, and then we let the Holy Spirit do what only the Holy Spirit can do–and that is to draw people to Himself."

For the rest of the month, SGA is making the book available free on our Web site. Click here to get your copy.

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