SGA partners host summer camps for Ukrainian kids

By July 19, 2022

Ukraine (MNN) — American-made weapons have arrived in the hands of Ukrainian armed forces. Ukrainians report destroying several Russian ammunition depots with sophisticated missile systems.

The combat in Ukraine’s east rages on, leaving lasting effects on Ukraine’s youth. Eric Mock with the Slavic Gospel Association says, “These kids have walked with their parents down roads while there was gunfire and bombing going on, wondering if they would even get to the next town. Some have seen a parent killed.”

In response, SGA partners around Ukraine have begun hosting summer camps. Mock says, “The pastors are ministering to their hearts. They’ve known only suffering and hardship. And now they’re laughing, racing, and hearing about the hope that we have in Christ.”

Ask God to provide healing for Ukraine’s youngest generation.

Courageous churches

Mock says a group of churches in the Zaporizhzhia region risk their lives by driving towards the fighting. Mock says, “They help families literally come out of their basements since their houses are rubble. They load kids, single moms, and elderly into cars, and then drive them back to the safer portions of Ukraine in the West.”

Pray these acts of love will clearly reveal Jesus. And pray for an end to Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine.

SGA supplies Ukrainian Christians with food and other aid so they can bring it to those in need. Mock says, “They can’t even get into the city because of the shelling. But people leave. Hundreds of families come out to the checkpoints. There, our partners distribute food, hygiene items, medicines, and even water.”

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Header photo courtesy of the Slavic Gospel Association on Facebook.