SGA receives more literature for Russia

By August 31, 2010

Russia (MNN) — In the United States, Christian bookstores are a normal
amenity, as sizeable towns have multiple stores with shelves full of any
Christian title you might want. From study guides to Christian novels, from children's
stories to Bibles, U.S. Christians have a surplus of resources at the tip of their fingers.

However, in many other countries across the world,
Scriptures and Christian resources are scarce. That's why Slavic Gospel
is overjoyed to receive a generous gift from David C. Cook
Ministries of over 117,000 Russian-language books to be distributed in Russia
and Ukraine.

The volumes include four titles: The Life of Christ, The Picture New Testament, Six Busy Days, and A Child's Book of Prayers.

Additionally, 15,000 copies of the children's book, Jesus the Baby, will be sent to kids in
Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, thanks to SGA/Canada partners.

Also, SGA will continue to translate and print 33,000 Russian
copies of Days of Praise, their quarterly
devotional. These devotionals come from the Institute for Creation Research,
and each UECB church in Russia receives these for their members.

These new volumes will provide additional encouragement to
Christians across these countries, especially in light of the many pressures they face in society and the lack of available Christian resources.

These volumes will not only encourage Christians, they will
also give searching non-believers a chance to explore the message of Christ and
learn more about His love.

Pray that seeds will be planted in the hearts of readers and that the
message of Christ will take root and grow deep in their lives.

Visit SGA's Web site to support their Russian-language
literature distribution.

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