Shaken by an earthquake, now by God

By February 23, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Another 4.7 aftershock hit Haiti early yesterday morning, only reinforcing the decision many Haitians have made to stay outside. As Haiti continues to be shaken physically, however, it is being spiritually shaken for the better.

Missionaries Sarah and Brian Bennetch have been in Haiti for the past several weeks with the Evangelical Free Church of America's TouchGlobal. The Bennetches are full-time missionaries in Rome, Italy, but felt God calling them to come to Haiti. Brian and Sarah are both fluent in French (a skill gained from living in Belgium for years), giving them an advantage in communication in Haiti that many relief workers do not possess.

Since arriving in Port-au-Prince, the Bennetches have been working with the TouchGlobal team to distribute aid and encourage the people they meet. This work has been helpful to many, but in the last week and a half, the spiritual side of ministry has been the most outstanding.

"There is a spiritual phenomenon going on in this country that I don't know if anyone's ever seen in our lifetime," says Sarah.

Over the past two weekends in particular, the Bennetches have observed a spiritual revival unlike anything that's happened so far.

"Last weekend revival broke out, and pastors agree on that. Missionaries who have been here long-term report it as being never seen before. This weekend, a week later, you heard spontaneous praise meetings bursting out all over throughout the whole day," says Sarah. "Pray that revival continues."

Commitments that have been made to Christ in the past week and a half have seemed only genuine. It does not appear that these are fleeting, one-day experiences. "It doesn't matter how much the earth shakes anymore, they put their trust in God," says Sarah.

The Bennetches agree that the true hope for Haiti will come from this revival and trust in Christ.

"As much as the earth shook, God is shaking and moving among the people. And the hope for Haiti–the hope for any land–is the people of God."

Although Brian and Sarah will return to Rome soon, Brian says TouchGlobal will be in Haiti long-term to continue relief but also "to come alongside all the new believers and young pastors in this situation." TouchGlobal will continue working with local churches in Port-au-Prince, all of which appear vibrantly alive.

As the Bennetches return to Rome, they hope to pave the way for bringing more help to Haiti. In the meantime, they ask you to pray that God would hear His people in Haiti.

Learn more about the work God is doing in Haiti at the Bennetch blog. If your church would like to send a team to Haiti through TouchGlobal, click here.


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