Share Christ’s love with the help of wristband

By September 7, 2007

Zambia (MNN) — If you're trying to reach children with the love of Christ, a great way to catch their attention might be a brightly colored wristband. Make that the GoodNews Wristband by Every Orphan's Hope

Every Orphan's Hope recently reached their one-millionth orphan in Zambia with the wristband.  Each wristband is based on the traditional five-color model: gold, black, red, white and green.  With every bracelet comes the story of the significance of each color. Gold represents God's heavenly home. Black represents sin, red Jesus' blood, and white forgiveness. Finally, green stands for a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. 

The silicone bands are also stamped with Scripture verses to aid the wearer in evangelism.  Each color has a corresponding verse. 

These are great conversation starters since the style is popular right now. They come in packs of five so you can keep one for yourself and share the other four with people you know– believers or unbelievers.

Every Orphan's Hope suggests using the wristbands for youth ministry, vacation Bible school, mission trips or adult congregations. They are available in adult and child sizes. 

By purchasing the bracelets, you are not only helping those who receive them, you are helping orphaned children in Zambia. All the proceeds from the GoodNews Wristbands go toward helping share the love of Christ with children.

Help EOH reach another million orphans.

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