Burma: Mission Accomplished

By July 17, 2013

Burma (MNN) — In recent days, a small U.S. team recently returned home from a wearisome but worthwhile trip.

(Image courtesy VBB)

(Image courtesy VBB)

They spent a couple weeks ministering to believers there supported by Vision Beyond Borders (VBB). The team visited 14 Children’s Homes in and around Burma, sharing Christ’s love with close to 1,000 kids.

VBB sent funds to purchase things that were needed for the children, along with supplies the team carried over.

Umbrellas were one of the items among those much-needed supplies. Kids at VBB’s Children’s Homes must walk to the government school, slogging daily through the downpours of monsoon season.

A recent VBB newsletter stated, “We purchased umbrellas for many of the children, and they were so grateful.

“They had never owned an umbrella. Even the older children were unsure how to use them, and we had to show them how to put them up. They would laugh and laugh as the umbrellas went up!”

In addition, team members were invited to a Buddhist temple, where they shared the Gospel with villagers, monks, and Buddhist nuns.

Five years ago, this same village was persecuting Christ-followers. According to the VBB newsletter, anyone who converted to Christianity was kicked out of the village.

Praise God for opening doors to share His Gospel. Pray that many in this village will turn to Christ for salvation.

Along with this team’s work in and around Burma, VBB’s contact in the northern Kachin state also reports headway. Last month, they were able to send new aid and build new shelters for the persecuted Kachin. In the coming days, they plan to send food to four IDP camps.

According to this contact, tens of thousands of Kachin people are still displaced and now lack a home to return to. Entire villages have been overtaken by the Burmese government, and some property has been sold to companies in neighboring China.

VBB says a group of Kachin men are trying to rescue young girls who fled to the Burma-China border when they were displaced. The girls were kidnapped, drugged, raped, and trafficked to Chinese men; some were trafficked to far-flung Chinese provinces.

Pray that the Kachin will be successful in this dangerous project. Pray for the girls’ safe rescue and return home.

To learn more about VBB and their work in Southeast Asia, click here to visit their Web site.

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