Sharing the Gospel, sharing the family in Guatemala

By December 17, 2010

Guatemala (MNN) — A team of mothers and their sons are
traveling through Guatemala for the next five days to minister to children in
the orphanages.

There are six moms and seven sons who will be hosting
Christmas parties and distributing gifts at the Mama Carmen's Orphanage, the
Baptist Preschool in Guatemala City, and Cerecaif Orphanage in Xela.

Tiffany Taylor with Orphan Outreach explains, "We have just really seen a turn in short-term missions
where people are really wanting to take their children with them to experience
what it's like to be on a mission trip, go a Third World country, and serve
orphans together."

The young men are aged 13 to 16, an age when boys are
typically asserting their independence and not doing a lot of things with their
mothers. However, the aspect of outreach is one that bonds

There's another aspect of
this. Taylor says, "I'm so excited to be taking our sons, because a lot of
times, these kids are just starved for any kind of male attention. So we've got
boys from 13 to 16 years old. They're going to be able to bond, and share, and
love on those children."

Do family trips make things awkward
for the children they meet at the orphanages? Not really. Taylor says, more often, it provides opportunity for hope. "We can tell these children: ‘You may not
have a physical mother and father,' but we have the privilege of telling them
about their heavenly Father."

The mothers — all members of the auxiliary arm called Women for Orphans Worldwide — have been active in laying the
evangelism groundwork for their sons. But their boys owned the project and participated enthusiastically. "These kids have been preparing for months
for a Christmas trip like this. They have personally been the ones collecting
the presents, getting their churches and schools involved with collecting."

Sharing the Gospel is central to Orphan Outreach's
work. Teenagers have been known for
their reticence in doing this with peers. However, being in a Third World country, away from their comfort zone,
might be just the key to unlock that door. Plus, Taylor says, "I think Christmas makes it
such an easy opportunity, because we get to start with talking about the birth
of Christ. So it's a really good time to be able to share the Gospel."

Please be praying for this team as they serve and share the
love of Christ to all they encounter. Pray that the children would have a
better understanding of God's love for them.  

Serving Christ with a united mind and spirit also brings
closer ties in the family. The success
from the family trips means there are more coming. Click here for the Orphan Outreach 2011 trip



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