Shepherds Ministry vocational branch is a testimony

By November 10, 2008

USA (MNN) — Shepherds Ministries vocational program for developmentally disabled persons, Shepherds Enterprises, has become a great testimony for Christ. The participants have a vivacity for the Lord to rival that of most missionaries, according to program director Allan Castelli.

The purpose of Shepherds Enterprise is to give mentally disabled adults the opportunity to feel fulfilled through work. Shepherds has a residential program in which some residents build and construct, but others are employed off site.

The response from companies employing participants or receiving products from them has been overwhelmingly positive. "[Our residents] are quite a testimony for Christ," says Castelli. "As people come on campus and tour the facility, they are just amazed at the response they get and the dedication of the work that they see."

The vocational program has almost served as more of an outreach program to surrounding communities and business than to its residents. As a result of the strong Biblical focus of Shepherds Ministries, residents not only reflect Christ in their attitudes and work ethics but also in vocal evangelism.

"They'll just go up to anyone on the street and witness the cause of Christ," says Castelli. "They are an incredible testimony."

Prayers are certainly in order for this ministry. The poor economic situation in America has affected Shepherds as well, and Castelli asks that we pray for more job opportunities for Shepherds participants. Pray also that residents would maintain their excitement for the Lord and continue to boldly stand firm for Him.

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