Shipment of Bibles, books, food lands in Pakistan

By July 14, 2020

Pakistan (MNN) — Mission Cry just landed a shipment of Bibles and Christian books in Pakistan. That’s not unusual for their ministry – they’ve sent crates and shipments all over the world – but food distribution is. Yet in the middle of a pandemic and its economic impact, that’s exactly what they’re doing.

“We were able to feed 1800 Pakistanis for 30 days, and then give them a Bible and a Christian book,” says Jason Woolford of Mission Cry. “As a matter of fact, 50 Muslims came and took a Bible because we had given them food.”

It’s not just about food or reading material; this is a mission of hope. This is a mission to give people another option.

“We’re getting the word of God around that area and giving people the opportunity to become Christians to be saved, to know the one and true and only God,” Woolford says.

This is a region where people face extreme cultural pressure, encroaching poverty, and political tension. Yet in the midst of that, “We can tell them about Jesus, and they can get saved and they can become better fathers, mothers, husbands wives, and then have an eternity with God. I don’t see anything greater than that.”

Photo courtesy of Mission Cry

And all it takes is one. From one shipment, one Bible in the hands of one person could see a change that radiates throughout their community. God’s Word does not return void, and His mercy and compassion could make all the difference for the families Mission Cry impacts.

“We’re asking you to come alongside of us financially and also prayerfully because we need it and we’re making a difference,” Woolford says. You can contribute to Mission Cry directly right here.



Header photo courtesy of Mission Cry.

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