Shopkeepers beat evangelist for roadside preaching

By February 18, 2008

Pakistan (MNN) — Voice of the Martyrs Canada reported that Daniel Sodager Masih was beaten the night of February 11 for preaching on the roadside.  

A Muslim man who heard Sodager preaching came out of his shop and began shouting at him. Sodager refused to stop preaching God's Word. The encounter escalated when another Muslim man began beating the 55-year-old evangelist. 

Another news report stated that Sodager's right ear, mouth and eyes were injured during the attack. The report also said that the same day, 500 Christian men and women marched to the office of a Christian politician named Tariq Jarev Tariq to demand that the attackers were brought to justice. They came shouting Jesus' name and asking for equality in religious rights.  Christian shopkeepers closed their shops in protest. 

The same report said that the two men accused of the attack had been arrested, but no report had been filed at that time. 

A local man reported that Sodager has been preaching this way for 25 years. 

An Open Doors report from Pakistan recently voiced concern that extremist Muslim influence is moving into Lahore. Sharia law was adopted in Pakistan in 1998. A field officer from a Christian NGO urged authorities to bring justice to the criminals or risk hunger strikes and weekly protests because of the incident with Sodager. 

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