Short films can be an ice-breaker in Gospel conversations

By September 23, 2015
(Photo courtesy Jesus Film Project)

(Photo courtesy Jesus Film Project)

MENA (JFP) — While many Middle Easterners might be afraid to openly talk about Jesus, they will watch a short film that opens up spiritual conversations.

Short films are becoming the universal language of the digital world. YouTube has created a wonderful opportunity to spread the gospel, especially in places like North Africa and the Middle East because anyone can post a short film there.

Short films shared face-to-face or online using video tablets, smartphones, and laptops are highly effective in reaching Middle Easterners of any age. This approach can open hearts, launch spiritual conversations, and even result in people watching the JESUS film in their heart language.

This is why a special training program has been launched: to equip the next generation of Middle Eastern filmmakers to engage their own culture with the good news of Christ through short films. These students are eager to learn and can quickly pick up needed skills and artistry to become effective storytellers. The filmmakers are being equipped and trained to produce films that speak messages that can open hearts, reaching people of all ages.

Would you send them to film school in the Middle East by providing a day or more of concentrated training by professional filmmakers? You can send a student to one day of film school for $107 or one week for $535. Help them start conversations to lead men, women, and children to Jesus in their heart language. Every gift makes a difference! Click here to learn more.

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